Linda Weaver – Licensed Midwife

I was introduced to the idea of midwifery while pregnant with our second child. I had given birth in a hospital the first time and felt very out of control. I allowed the physician to induce me, was given medication against my wishes and labored in an overflow room with only a curtain separating me from other laboring women. I knew I wanted a different experience second time around.A friend introduced me to her midwife and I was hooked. The idea of laboring at home seemed so natural to me. I could use my own linens, dress in my own clothes, and choose who would attend me. After the birth, my daughter could see her newborn sibling right away. I could sleep in my own bed.I decided to study midwifery when my children were in high school. It was in my heart and soul. I love serving other women and helping them achieve the birth of their dreams. I have been licensed  since 2001 and have attended over 1000 births.